Thursday, February 16, 2017

Banana Helps in Lowering Cancer Risk

This is one of the most loved fruits that I know. It is always in the market. It's never off the season. This friut comes with a lot of benefits tat we are going to highlight for you. Bananas can be eaten while raw or cooked.
  • Bananas are known in lowering cancer risk, blood pressure and in promoting heart regularity
  • It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are needed in your body
  • Bananas helps in digestion
  • It also contains tryptophan amino acid which helps in preventing memory loss
  •  It helps in lowering glucose level for diabetes type 1 and helps in improving blood sugar for diabetes type 2

With all these benefits you should make a decision of taking one banana per day. It's worth it the cost

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Get your lungs stronger with Apple

This is a common but a rare fruit. However, it is important to look for it because it comes with lots of benefits as we are going to list them below:
  • Apple is know to have a number of properties that helps in reducing cancer risks
  • It is also connected in decreasing the risk of having stroke
  • Apple contains flavonoids which it's imperatives nutrients are know to prevent asthma attack. This flavonoids substance helps in making lungs strong
  • The alkaline factor in an apple helps in increasing the destructive toxins waste  by product from the liver in addition to o maintaining the P.H level of the body 
  • The Apple skin conatins pectin which helps in digestive system
  • It's also know in helping the brain health in that it protect neutron cells against oxidativesbstress induced neurotoxicity and may play an important role in reducing neurodegenerative disorder risks such as Alzheimer's disease - (remember we also found this factor in ginger)
  • Apple gives potassium which is important to heart and makes it function well

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Use Lemon to deal with Dandruff

This is a very common fruit and even when it's not in the season you will still find it in the market. It's a citrus fruit known as a cure for flu and cold.  It comes with lots of proven benefits. We are going to list some today.
Benefits of lemon
  • As we had said earleir, it is knows in helping break fever by increasing perspiration
  • It also helps in dental care in that you can apply it in the area of toothache and it can help in getting rid of the pain
  • In a case where you are suffering from gum bleeding, you can use lemon juice to massage the area 
  • It also eliminates the bad odour that comes from the gum.
  • For people who want to deal with dandruff, applying lemon juice on the scalp can be great effect. Apart from that you can use lemon for hair loss
  • Lemon is also know to cure acne and eezema. Most people use it also as anti aging agent. It removes all wrinkles w and black heads.
  • It is also useful in reducing bee sting pain and sun burns.
  • Lemon contains an antiseptic and coagulant substance that helps to stop internal bleeding
  • Lemon is believed to help in weight loss and it has worked for many people.

NB/ Consult your doctor before taking lemon as a medicine

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Improve Your Blood Flow with Beetroot

This is a rarely grown plant even in places where it can grow well. Maybe people have not know it's benefits. However, you have I'll find it in the grocery shops at a fair price. Most people know that it helps in adding blood and in most cases people will use it when they are told that their blood level is low. Well, it's a good fruit fruits I'd say and it has those benefits. There people who don't like it's taste and the smell while others have never considered it.
Beet root comes with a lot of benefits such as ;
  • Improving the blood flow and oxygenation to the areas of lack
  • It contains alpha-lipoic acid which is good in lowering glucose levels and it increases insulin sensitivity. It as well prevent oxidative stress induced changes in patients with diabetes.
  • Consumption of beetroot juice is said to reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. 

Note that beetroots are good when taken raw. Many people cook it and this reduces the effectiveness. If you can't chew it there is another option which is best, this is making beetroot juice. You can make be taking it often. Find it in the market and let it help your body

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ginger Helps in Lowering Cholestrol

We all know this plant and we often use it in tea or food. People love it because of the smell and the taste that it adds to the food but they have never thought of its benefits. Today I want us to look at its benefits. It's use as a medicine and it is mostly known in curing flu and common cold but it has more benefits than that.
Here are ginger medicinal values:
  • Ginger lowers cholesterol levels
  • It's helps in treating chronic indigestion which is known as dypepsias
  • It contains a substance that helps in preventing cancer
  • It improves brain function and protects it against Alzheimer's disease
  • Ginger helps in reducing pain as effectively as a drug metanamic acid and ibuprofen
  • It also helps in alleviating nausea which is caused by chemotherapy
  • It drastically lowers blood sugar
  • It improves heart disease risk factor
  • And finally it cures nausea and helps in fighting flu and common cold
Maybe you've never thought of ginger as a medicine but now you know what it is good for. But always remember too much of something is poisonous.
NB: before you use ginger as a medicine it is important to consult a physician for help.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Herbs for Food

It has been long since I posted but with this new year I've to post helpful information for you. This time round I want to take you through some of the fruits and vegetables that we grow in our gardens or buy from the groceries just because we love them but  we don't actually know how they help our bodies. I will be posting about a particular fruit or vegetable and highlight the benefit of it. So I welcome you this year for some helpful healthy articles.
As you all know having a balanced diet is very important but one thing I learnt over the holiday was that there are more plants and weeds which can be very helpful as far as nutrients needed in our bodies are concerned. When God created man he told him that he can have the herbs as his food. Herbs! Yes. Herbs have got leaves, roots, stems, fruits and branches and we have seen some scientists say that some of these herbs and I'd say most of them are medicinal.
Sure they are and that is why we need to be using them and keep off some tablets down. Apart from leaves and branches, we have fruits and seeds which are produced by these herbs and trees. They are also important. The most amazing thing about these herbs is that they are available in the bushes, forests and in the shrubs. These are some of the places where most of us don’t want to go and so we opt to go the easier way of getting the medicines and easy food from the stores.
However, not every herb is good for human consumption. Some might destroy your health completely. Another thing that I want you to know is that the quantity of the substance matter's a lot. Don't just take herbs as medicine just because you have heard that it is helpful. Get to know the amount that you are supposed to take and the duration. Consulting or asking saves a lot of guess work and lives.
Something that I've learnt in the few past days is that we may be feeding our livestock with the best but we eat the least among the herbs. This is because of we don't have the knowledge of what these weeds have that can be of help to us. Also, we leave the herbs in the farm to just grow and cut them to decompose and become helpful to the soil. We should know that we are more important than livestock and than soil and start taking care of ourselves.
We will be going through some of the herbs, fruits and vegetables so as to let you know what you are supposed to take and how much you should take. I'm therefore welcoming you back to my blog this year and the years to come to learn and get more knowledge.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Losing Weight Gracefully and Healthily

One of the most disturbing things in many women's lives is weight. It is either too much or less. It amazes me how someone would say that they want to lose weight and another want to gain. At some point I think or feel that we are not content with who we are. The whole issue of gaining weight is all about us. It is what we eat, when we eat, the amount among other things. So, the whole stress is all over and people want to know how they can easily do it.

How to lose weight Gracefully
Personally I have experience. I was once big and all i wanted was to cut weight. At some point i could take red pepper, green pepper and lemons when they are law or even boil and drink. It was a crazy road for me. But the problem which was there is that weight never left my body as I desired. You want to know why? Well, because food intake was still the same.

This bothered me and so at some point I gave up and stopped. But people could tell me that am looking bad with all that weight. Some could say I gained much because am just eating and not thinking. Well, we all get these kind of stuff because of weight. But they are good because they push us towards the goal of losing. This made me to think thrice. So I had to cut down the size of my plate and the number of times I could eat per day. This at least worked. But, it was not in a healthy way.

Here I want to list some of the ways in which you can apply so as to lose weight and look good and young.

Make sugar you number one enemy

When I talk of sugar you might start wondering whether am crazy. No, Sugar is dangerous! This means you will not be taking anything with sugar. Forget about cupcakes, cookies, cakes, biscuits among other sweet things. The amount of sugar that we find in natural foods that we eat is totally enough. Grab a glass of natural juices. Eat fruits and sugarcanes among others and you will be OK.

Reduce the portion of food per plate

I know at times we die with cravings as women but you can put your body into subjection as long as you purpose. This means if they have cooked or you have cooked your favorite meal you can scoop two spoons and add vegetables and you are good to go.

The number of times you eat

This matters a lot and you should be mindful of it. Just do three small meals per day which has a combinations of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fat and sugar. Ensure that you are taking enough water and this will keep you.


This is very important. I have seen people do this and it work. It is also important to those who are trying to tone or maintain. One thing I have noted about exercise is the pace. You must maintain it and continue increasing it as the days go by. This is because the body get used to the same pace and so it will not go beyond that until you take it beyond. Always press forward and strong.

Take a leave on cooked food and do raw food

This is what most people will refer to Daniel's fast but it is important you eat nuts so as to get enough energy for the journey. Raw food will also help you clean your body and lose that fat. Vegetables, fruits, and water will take you through this journey. You can do it for at least three months. This also calls for determination.